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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monuments of Afghan empire in danger

One of the most prominent symbols of Afghanistan’s greatest empire is slowly eroding and could possibly be destroyed, Reuters reported.

The monuments, know as the “Towers of Victory,” have fallen under extreme disrepair – due more to the effects of weather than conflict. In addition to erosion, illegal excavations for antiquities around the monument have further weakened the Towers.

The two minarets were constructed in the early 12th century to commemorate the victories of the Afghan armies and the prowess of the empire.

Ghazni, the city where the monuments are located, is considered the cradle of Afghan culture and arts.

Resources to preserve the Towers are scare. According to Sayed Wali, the head of the culture department in Ghazni, Afghanistan’s impoverished central government has been distracted by the Taliban insurgency and has allotted only $100 dollars in six years to fill some of the holes around the towers.

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