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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jordan to open public schools to Iraqi children

Human Rights Watch has estimated that there were some 200,000 school-aged Iraqi children in Jordan last year, but only 10 percent, or 20,000, were able to attend.

When Jordanian public schools open Sunday, some 50,000 Iraqi students are expected to attend, as a result of Jordan’s pledge to grant some 750,000 displaced Iraqis educational and health rights, according to The Associated Press.

Earlier this month, Jordan’s Ministry of Education announced that for the first time it would open up public schools to Iraqi children, regardless of whether they possess a residency permit or not. In the past, Iraqi children could only attend government schools if their parents had a residency permit or paid private school fees.

But Jordan is still blocking the entry of most Iraqis attempting to flee the violence and is unwilling to grant Iraqis who do manage to cross the border refugee status.

Jordan is “virtually closing its borders and, with few exceptions, not allowing Iraqis to enter the country,” Human Rights Watch said.

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