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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Former Afghanistan King, Mohammad Zahir Shah, dies at age 92

"I am not after reviving the monarchy, and my wish is to bequeath my services to the long-suffering people of Afghanistan. And I pledge, whatever my position, to foster national unity toward reestablishing democratic governance in accordance with the values of the Islamic religion." This was the statement given by Mohammad Zahir Shah in June 2002 with the opening of Afghanistan's first Loya Jirga, or national assembly, in decades. Zahir Shah died at age 92 on Monday, as reported by Radio Free Europre/Radio Liberty.

Zahir Shah’s rule through Afghanistan’s tumultuous history saw the Soviet invasion, a coup that lead to his 23 year exile and the harsh rule of the Taliban. He was well known for his successful relations among the tribal elders in Afghanistan, as well as for his avid support for democracy within the country. He was adoringly referred to as “The Father of Nations” which held no official status, but symbolized an important figure within Afghanistan, and throughout the international community.

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