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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Homes to be bulldozed along Gaza Strip despite demonstrations

Over 700 Egyptians protested Sunday against a government plan to evict them from their homes in order to improve security on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, police and demonstrators said, according to The Associated Press.

Egyptian authorities have previously evicted residents living within 50 meters of the border to prevent traffickers and militants from digging tunnels to enter Gaza. Protesters on Sunday were demonstrating against a new plan that would evict people from homes within an extra 100 meters.

An Egyptian security official said Sunday that they were still considering the eviction plan, that no resident had yet been asked to move out, and that evicted families would get “fair” compensation for their lost homes and lands.

On Monday, the Egyptian government announced that it will begin to destroy several homes in Rafah, according to AHN.

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