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Friday, June 15, 2007

U.S. bill would cut Egypt’s aid unless human rights record improves

In efforts to encourage Egypt to improve its human rights record, the United States House of Representatives advanced legislation that would cutback Egypt’s military funding if progress isn’t made, Reuters reported Tuesday. The bill would withhold $200 million from Egypt unless it takes measures to, according to the article, “curb police abuses, reform its judicial system and stop weapons smuggling from Egypt to Gaza.”

Egypt isn’t the only country whose funding has been tied to an improved rights record. Similar steps were taken against Indonesia, as $2 million of its $8 million in military aid will be cut if the country doesn’t prosecute and punish its own military for their rights violations. Pakistan, which currently stands to receive $300 million in military aid, was also considered for funding reductions.

The bill must be debated by the full House and Senate before it can be passed and take effect for fiscal year 2008. Additionally, some fear that Bush may veto the bill because it would allow for contraceptives to be sent abroad to various family planning organizations and, as the article notes, “the Bush administration has advocated education programs on abstinence until marriage.”

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