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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fifth grade girl dies in circumcision surgery

Budour Ahmed Shaker, a young girl from Minya, a province south of Cairo, died during a circumcision surgery at a private clinic recently. A medical lab confirmed that she died as a result of being given too much anesthetic. The accused doctor operated on Shaker even though she died immediately after the anesthetic was given.

After the surgery Shaker was carried to a local hospital, where she was confirmed dead on arrival.

According to All Headline News, female circumcision is a regularly practiced social custom, especially in southern Egypt, despite efforts from rights organizations to spread awareness and explain the hazards of the operation.

The Egyptian National Council for Mothers and Children called on the Egyptian health minister to ban doctors from performing female circumcisions; in response, current Mufti Dr. Ali Gum’a said that the former mufti of Egypt had already banned female circumcision.

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