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Monday, June 25, 2007

Iraqi refugee assistance may come from oil revenue

With the latest estimates of internally displaced persons in Iraq set at over 2 million, and the figure for refugees standing at over 2.2 million, Iraq has decided to consider passing legislation what would use some of the nation’s oil revenue to help meet the needs of the displaced. The proposal would allocate three percent of Iraq’s oil export revenue to help those that need it the most, IRIN reported last week.

The head of the parliamentary committee for displacement and immigrants, Abdul-Khaliq Zankana, said that the refugees and internally displaced persons are “living in harsh conditions as their situation is deteriorating.” He also stressed that although the committee realizes this legislation will not solve the problems, they hope that it will help to ease the burden on the displaced.

Other options for assistance considered by the committee include food rationing and social protection services. Calls for legislation came as a result of visits and interviews with Iraqi refugees.

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