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Friday, May 04, 2007

NY Times columnist’s ironic take on potential Bush speech on Iraq

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman presented an ironic take on Wednesday on what might be said if President Bush, and not Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, spoke at this week’s regional conference on Iraq.

Friedman, as Bush, begins by apologizing to Arab and Muslim nations for the invasion of Iraq. After the apology, he says that if the U.S. loses in Iraq, it will be the victory of nihilistic Islamist suicide bombers who are only interested in destroying America. Citing different suicide bombings and events in the Arab world, in particular Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, he warns that if they don’t support U.S. action in Iraq these countries are only bringing chaos upon themselves. He also calls on the help of European nations, China and Russia and invites them to propose ways to handle the situation in Iraq.

For the full piece by subscription only at TimesSelect, click here.


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