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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Combating HIV/AIDS and hepatitis in Egypt

Members of Egyptian civil society and leading international actors are collaborating to raise awareness on two infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C, of much concern in Egypt, according to an article by Shane McNeil published in Egypt Today Magazine.

While the number of reported HIV/AIDS cases in Egypt is relative low, the World Health Organization reports that the country has the highest prevalence of hepatitis C in the world. Egyptian community leaders are working with agencies of the United Nations in an attempt to keep the numbers from rising further. An educational campaign aimed at dispelling myths and misconceptions about the diseases has been launched. As part of the initiative, there are also plans to set up confidential counseling and testing centers and hotlines to provide information on the diseases.

UNICEF’s Communications Officer Simon Ingram says of the campaign’s focus on the media: “A lot of the information coming from the media is unnecessarily alarmist. They spread misconceptions and crazy notions about the diseases, but we believe the media can be vital allies in getting the facts out about the illnesses.”

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