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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Iraqi migration restricted by Jordan

In response to the one million or so refugees already residing in the country, Jordan has announced that it will impose restrictions on Iraqi migration, BBC News reported today. The restriction requires all Iraqi asylum seekers who wish to enter Jordan to possess an Iraqi G-series passport. This type of passport is difficult to obtain, as it is only available in Baghdad and can often only be acquired with the payment of a large bribe. Travel to the United States and Britain requires a G or H-series passport. Other older series, which a number of citizens still carry, have been discontinued or are no longer accepted, as they are too easily forged.

Jordan’s move increases feelings of insecurity among the Iraqi refugees already living there. One Iraqi told a BBC correspondent, “I don’t think my parents will be able to join me here now because of this decision. My parents have old passports, which means there are restrictions on where they can travel.”

Meanwhile, the United Nations is trying to enlist international assistance to help manage the Iraqi refugee flows.

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