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Friday, February 23, 2007

Syria rejects U.S. proposal to discuss Iraqi refugee crisis

CBS News and The Associated Press reported today that Syria has rejected a U.S. proposal to discuss the Iraqi refugee crisis, and is insisting on a broader and more profound regional debate.

Al-Thawra, a state-run Syrian newspaper, recently published an editorial on the issue saying, ”Had the United Stated been serious about starting dialogue; it would have demanded that all the region's problems be discussed as one package. No one could ever think that any problem is separated from the other.”

However, the Syrian government’s refusal to discuss the situation, as well as their treatment of the Iraqi refugees, has sparked uproar within the country and amongst the international human rights community. Syria has imposed stringent new restrictions on the Iraqi refugees.

The article also notes that CBS News correspondent Liz Palmer recently filed a report on female Iraqi refugees, who are increasingly turning to prostitution in a desperate effort to provide for their children.

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