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Friday, February 02, 2007

International aid in Afghanistan misappropriated

Over half of the international aid allotted for the Afghan people has been either stolen, resold, or diverted, The Daily Telegraph reported earlier this week. While it was initially thought that the corruption problems in isolated rural communities could be primarily attributed to the police forces in these areas, it has recently been discovered that the elders and mosque leaders within these communities are also guilty of theft.

Aid initiatives have stipulated provisions of uniforms, generators and winter coats. Additionally, items such as building materials and fuel intended to aid the Afghan people are sometimes seized during the allocation process and sold. In other cases, funds are appropriated incorrectly. For example, of the 2 million in international aid that was intended to assist internal refugees, most has been diverted to construct vehicle checkpoints.

Despite the recent revelations, NATO pledges to continue to provide aid in Afghanistan and hopes to foster a stronger relationship with the local people. By improving the daily lives of ordinary Afghans, the international community hopes to indirectly eliminate any allure towards Taliban activity. Because corruption in Afghanistan is known to occur on many levels, the international aid plan must also examine ways to avoid corruption in its bottom-up implementation.

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