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Friday, February 16, 2007

Bush acknowledges deteriorating situation in Afghanistan

President Bush addressed the American Enterprise Institute yesterday regarding his devotion to making an effort to improve the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported today.

In his speech, Bush tried to convey the importance of securing the well-being of the Afghan people, and thus preventing human rights abuses. While the war in Iraq has been the number one priority in Washington over the past several years, the remnants of the ousted Taliban government have regrouped and launched a potent new challenge.

Bush thus proclaimed that the new strategy in Afghanistan is to be a proactive one, acknowledging the escalating violence. He realizes the immediate necessity of more troops “for the foreseeable future” and also called on Congress to provide him with $11.8 billion to accelerate training, reconstruction and counter-narcotics programs – thus providing Afghans with greater economic, political, and military assistance in the fight against Islamic extremists.

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