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Friday, February 16, 2007

Continued pressure applied to opposition group

Egyptian officials arrested 80 Muslim Brotherhood members on Thursday, Reuters reported on the same day. Three of the detainees are elected members of the Egyptian parliament; all face charges of possessing anti-government literature, and belonging to an outlawed group.

The Muslim Brotherhood believes that the government is trying to curtail a potential Brotherhood victory in the upper house of Egyptian parliament in the upcoming elections in April. According to Muslim Brotherhood deputy leader Mohamed Habib, “this is an attempt to marginalize the role of the Brotherhood in Egyptian political life, an attempt to impede our political path and snarl our plans and strategies.” Since a student-led protest in the December, the government has continued to keep a close eye on the group.

In the most recent elections, the Muslim Brotherhood won twenty percent of the seats in the lower house. Currently only recognized political parties are allowed to put forth a presidential candidate; however if the group was to be as successful in the upcoming elections, it is possible that they would be able to pass legislation which would invalidate this law.

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