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Monday, January 22, 2007

Progress for women in Afghanistan not without struggles or fear

Since the fall of the Taliban five years ago, women in Afghanistan have seen improving rights and freedoms, but substantial obstacles remain, according to an article from yesterday’s Baltimore Sun. The Afghan Constitution enshrined basic rights for women - allowing them basic freedoms and choices denied to them under Taliban rule. Still, many women look to the Quran and not the constitution for support for women’s rights.

The situation in Afghanistan has gotten better for women, especially in the capital city of Kabul, but there have been struggles and some backsliding. Now, where women and girls began to receive education after the Taliban, some are being kept at home once again. This is not the first time women in Afghanistan have seen their rights blossom and then recede. Women’s rights were enhanced during three separate episodes in the 20th century, but the gains were eventually rescinded through regime change. History is again repeating itself as the resurgence of elements of the Taliban in parts of the country has led to women and girls being taken out of schools and vocational training programs and kept at home.

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