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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Increasing access to safe water in rural mountainous regions of Viet Nam

UNICEF, in cooperation with the Vietnamese government, is attempting to bring better sanitation practices into the rural areas in the mountainous northern region of Viet Nam through access to safe running water, UNICEF reported in a press release yesterday. The program targets school-aged children by installing the necessary infrastructure, toilets and sinks, and teaching them proper techniques for sanitation. The hope is to reach the children at a young age - specifically kindergarten - so that they can learn to be healthy. At the schools where the equipment has been installed, hygiene classes will be implemented that cover the correct procedures for hand washing and teach students to refrain from throwing trash into the rivers. UNICEF hopes this program will encourage better sanitation practices among those in Viet Nam’s rural communities.

To read the entire release, click here.


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