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Friday, January 12, 2007

Egyptian torture victim sentenced to three months in jail

The victim of a widely-publicized torture case has been sentenced to three months in a Cairo jail for “resisting authority”, BBC News reported on Wednesday.

Imad Kabir was detained and sexually assaulted by Egyptian police in January 2006 after he attempted to come to the aid of a family member who had been involved in a dispute with the officers. The incident was videotaped by one of the officers involved in the assault. The footage eventually became public several months later and was widely circulated. Kabir pursued charges for the officers, who are scheduled to be tried in March, and his case has been supported by the global human rights community and Egyptian bloggers.

Kabir’s attorneys allege that their client is unsafe in prison. Kabir has received threats aimed at him and his family.

Meanwhile, more footage of alleged torture in Egyptian jails has again surfaced on the internet.

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