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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kurdish Democratic Alliance advises against the use of the Baker-Hamilton report

In their recent address, The Kurdish Democratic Alliance (KDA) denounced the Baker-Hamilton report and its potential influence on the Iraqi conflict, Kurdish Media reported. KDA claims the Baker-Hamilton report’s solution to remove U.S. troops from Iraq appeases adversaries and essentially portends U.S. defeat. Although the U.S. initially promised to prioritize the promotion of democracy in Iraq, KDA refers to the Baker-Hamilton solution as a “pragmatic approach.” KDA argues that the only strategy that Baker-Hamilton values is the removal of U.S. troops in Iraq; the report is willing to sacrifice U.S. strategic interest for this cause by giving key stakeholders whatever they desire. While, U.S. troops would be removed, the troubles of the Kurdish people will be sidelined, the Ba’athists would be reinstated, and Iran and Turkey will be conciliated by the centralization of Iraq and the elimination of any hopes for the creation of a Kurdish nation.

It is the wish of the Kurdish Democratic Alliance that the Baker-Hamilton report not dominate in the development of the new approach in Iraq. The Alliance believes that the report does not properly reflect the new and ever-changing situation in the Middle East. Instead KDA warns that anti-American sentiment will only increase if the suggestions in Baker-Hamilton report are followed, which would ultimately make an independent Kurdish nation unlikely.

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