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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Iran and Turkey Prepare for War in Iraqi Kurdistan

There have been continued reports of both Turkish and Iranian military units operating offensives on their borders with Iraqi Kurdistan. Now, it seems, they may be coordinating an invasion of this autonomous province of Iraq. The Iranian ambassador to Turkey explained the historical precendent, adding, "History has it that whenever Iran and the Ottoman Emperor had good relations, we would witness good developments in the region."

Targeting Quandil Mountain, the base for Kurdish rebels from Turkey and Iran, both countries have strategic gains to be made from a strong foothold in northern Iraq. Just as issues such as who controls oil-rich Kirkuk have raised the stakes for competing parties within Iraq, so too do Iraq's neighbors have an interest. Mistrust over Israel's alleged activity in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as the U.S. Government's appointment of Gen. Joseph Ralston as special U.S. coordinator for the PKK issue, only add fuel to the fire.

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