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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Egyptian judges plan to reassert independence law

A new initiative in the battle for an independent judiciary in Egypt has begun. Since the People’s Assembly’s demand made earlier this year for total independence of the judiciary was not met, the justice minister has retained some control.

Judges have begun to draft a new law which stresses the independence of judicial bodies from the executive authority represented by the Justice Ministry. It is expected to be ready in December, when the new law will be presented to judges during a general assembly, and judges will press for its endorsement.

This pressing may lead to a clash between the minister and judges; Mamdouh Mar’ei, the recently-named justice minister, is said to oppose judges calling for reform.

In addition to the new law, judges have been preparing a paper which will include their concept of new constitutional amendments, including those which stipulate judicial supervision over elections. The amendments are scheduled to be proposed during next week's general conference of the ruling NDP.

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