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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

UN Population Fund Finances Reproductive Health Project

As reported by Vietnam Net, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has funded a reproductive health project launched by the Women’s Union at a workshop in Hanoi. The report states that “with the project, the union aims to raise awareness in the community, especially among women, about reproductive and sexual health care and domestic violence by publishing documents and leaflets.”

According to the report, the project, entitled “Strengthening the Ability of the National Committee for Population, Family and Children, and Relevant Offices to Implement the Second Phase of the 2001-10 Population Strategy,” will focus on “investing in technical assistance and improving the skills of grassroots medical and population workers and collaborators.”

The long-term goal is to “improve the living conditions of Vietnamese through improving the equality of an approach to health care services, and the speed up the implementation of policies and programs on population, hunger eradication, poverty elimination and reproductive health care.”

Part of the $3.8 million project budget will be invested in the Kon Tum province, located in the Central Highlands.

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