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Monday, July 31, 2006

Turks Cite Israel’s Lebanon War as Precedent against Kurds; The Iraq We Haven’t Seen; Kurds Promote Kurdistan in America.

As reported by Oliver Poole for The New York Sun, “Turkey has said that Israel’s action in Lebanon to stop Hezbollah attacks meant it should be allowed to take similar steps against Kurdish guerillas operating from Northern Iraq against its forces.”

Poole reports that “it has long been a concern in Turkey that the growth of Kurdish nationalism in northern Iraq, where the country’s instability has permitted a Kurdish semiautonomous state to assume near independence, would inflame Kurdish radicals inside Turkey’s borders.” Poole says the “intervention plans are reported to range from limited artillery barrage and air strikes to attacks by commando forces.”

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As reported by Al Kamen for The Washington Post, “the Kurdistan regional government is rolling out a national media blitz, calling it ‘Kurdistan: The Other Iraq,’ complete with cable television ads, print ads and a national tour by the head of its development office to attract investment and tourism to its northern Iraq region.”

Kamen reports that the ad campaign, designed by “veteran Republican public relations firm Russo, Marsh and Rogers,” is supposed to “report on the ‘good news on Operation Iraqi Freedom you’re not hearing from the old-line media,’ including the positive developments and successes they are achieving.”

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Vladimir van Wilgenburg writes in his online blog that “the Kurdistan Development Corporation has just launched a public relations and advertising campaign – thanking the United States and Coalition Partners for the military effort that liberated the people of South-Kurdistan from Saddam Hussein’s regime.”

Van Wilgenburg reports that “the Kurdistan Development Corporation hopes to build stronger binds between the people of the United States and Iraqi Kurdistan to encourage greater levels of trade and commerce.”


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