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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Christians in Cairo Show Support for Fellow Arabs

As reported by Joseph Mayton for the Middle East Times, “demonstrations against Israel have been an almost daily occurrence since its first incursion into Gaza more than three weeks ago.” Mayton reports that “the general mood among the protestors was that they wished to express support for their ‘Muslim brothers.’”

In his report, Mayton says that “Christians have protested on behalf of Lebanese victims while shying away from expressing outright support of Hezbollah.” Mayton says that, “in fact, Christians at demonstrations said that it was important not to give the impression that their communities support Hezbollah’s attacks against Israel.”

Magda, a demonstrator in Cairo, said that “we are here to show that we care about what is happening in Lebanon, yet I want to make it clear that we are not here to support what Hezbollah has done…they started the conflict in Lebanon.” Mayton says that Magda believes that the “Christian community should be against the Israeli action but should also help to make sure that the conflict does not spread and engulf the region.”

Cairo-based Coptic priest, Bishop Moussa, said that “Christianity had no real role to play in the conflict but that rather the notion of pan-Arabism was creating an up swell of support for Lebanon and against Israel,” Mayton reports. Moussa said that he “supports the demonstrations and solidarity with the Lebanese people because they are suffering for something they did not do.”

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