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Friday, April 21, 2006

Vietnam News Update

Vietnamese Journalists Harassed While En Route to Attend Freedom of Expression Seminar in Philippines

April 20, 2006

Two journalists were arrested on the Monday morning after Vietnamese authorities claimed that they had violated departure laws, an eyewitness told the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), who saw the arrest by plainclothes officials.

Duong Phu Cuong, a veteran journalist with the Vietnamese-language Tuoi Tre daily, and Nguyen Huy Cuong, a freelance journalist, were scheduled to depart for a freedom of expression seminar in the Philippines when they were apprehended. They were later released and it is unclear if they will be charged.

According to CPJ:

“We call on Vietnamese authorities to stop harassing journalists such as Duong Phu Cuong and Nguyen Huy Cuong said Ann Cooper, CPJ’s executive director. The Vietnamese government should strive to uphold rather than undermine the press freedom rights detailed in Article 69 of the constitution.”

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Rare Flora and Fauna Discovered in Central Highlands

April 18, 2006

Scientists have found rare animals and plants in the Chu Yang Sin National Park in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak.

According to VietNamNet:

“The International Birdlife Programme in Vietnam, in collaboration with the Global Environment Fund and the World Bank on April 17 announced their discoveries at the Chu Yang Sin National Park.”

“There they have found two kinds of pine, black-shanked Duoc langurs, red-face monkeys, long-tail monkeys, a community of Bos Gaurus cattle, and a mole which is believed to be a new species. The plants and animals have been confirmed as rare and must be preserved.”

“The national park is the home for many species of rare plants and animals, and some especially valuable herbs. With an area of over 58,900ha, Chu Yang Sin ranks fifth of 102 forests for ‘special purposes’ in Vietnam and it is also considered an ecological areas of international significance for its biodiversity.”

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Foot-mouth disease infects pigs in Vietnam's Central Highlands

April 17, 2006

Over 1000 pigs in the Central Highlands have been infected of an outbreak of foot-mouth disease, officials said Monday. The outbreak was first detected in Duc Trong district of Lam Dong province in the country's Central Highlands where 400 pigs already have died in the past week.

According to Canadian Press:

“Transporting and selling pigs from the infected district has been banned. Checkpoints have been set up along the major roads, [head of provincial animal health department Pham Van] Chau said.”

“‘We have to ensure minimum chance for the disease to spread,’ he said, adding infected pigs that died were burned.”

However, local media outlets have reported that motorbikes carrying caged pigs have been seen coming and going daily from the provincial capital of Dalat.
“Foot-mouth disease, which also affects sheep, cows and goats, is a highly contagious viral illness that can spread through minimal contact with infected animals, farm equipment or meat. The disease can be fatal in animals but does not harm humans.”

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