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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vietnam News Update

Vietnam has Increased Childcare

April 12, 2006

An official of the Vietnam Commission for Population, Family and Children said that Vietnam has started to pay more attention to childcare and protection and better executed child rights during the last period of time (2000-2005).

According to VietNamNet:

“The malnutrition rate among five years old children was also reduced from 33.8% to 25.2% in the period.
According to him, in the five years, special attention was paid to children with particular difficulties, with various programmes and projects being carried out. These programmes included the prevention and improvement of the situations of street children, sexually abused children and children working in hard, toxic or dangerous conditions as well as care of orphans, abandoned children, children with HIV/AIDS and child victims of Agent Orange.”

“In 2005, the Government allocated more than VND 20 billion from the State budget for the assistance of children with particular difficulties. The Vietnam Commission for Population, Families and Children mobilised hundreds of millions of VND to finance activities to help street children return to their families and to provide loans and vocational training for poor children in Hanoi and northern Ha Nam province.”

“Vietnam's child care and protection work received support from various international organizations, including the United Nations Children's Fund, the International Labour Organisation, Plan International, World Vision, and Save the Children UK, he said.”

Click here to read the article.

Da Nang to Launch Study Abroad Program for Post-Grad Students

April 11, 2006

Da Nang City plans to send 100 students abroad to get their masters degree and doctorates from 2006-2010.

According to VietNamNet:

“The subjects for this project will be state employees who are working at State agencies and organizations in the city and some top scholarly students.”

“Priority subjects for training in this period of time include health, education, tourism, urban management, architecture, public transport, information technology, project management, financial market and biotechnology. The countries for training are planned to be the United Kingdom, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Australia, France, the US, and China.”

“According to the project, from now to 2010, Da Nang will have around 70-80 masters and 20-25 doctors.”

Read the whole article here.

Sanchez Gets Visa to Vietnam, with Restrictions, after Several Failed Tries

April 10, 2006

An update on Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s Vietnam visa rejection:
Last week Rep. Loretta Sanchez finally got approval from the Vietnamese government to obtain a visa, after having her visa application rejected repeatedly. But Ms. Sanchez was not satisfied, saying there were so many restrictions on the visa that it wound not give her a legitimate reason to visit the country.

Rep. Sanchez told the Associated Press:

“"I'm not going to play that game with them," said Sanchez, who would have been part of House Speaker Hastert's forthcoming trip to Vietnam to focus on trade. Sanchez, whose suburban Los Angeles district has the largest population of Vietnamese outside Vietnam, has been a vocal critic of Vietnam's human rights records.”

“She had hoped to travel to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and the Central Highlands to meet with dissidents, look into the sex trafficking of young Vietnamese women to Taiwan and meet with the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. While Hastert submitted a request for a visa on behalf of Sanchez, Vietnam would only grant her entry to Hanoi -- and said she could only participate in meetings that its government sets up. "That's like being under hotel arrest," Sanchez told the Associated Press.”


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