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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Egyptian President Addresses CoptsApril 23, 2006

Cairo – In reference to the recent attacks on Coptic churches, President Mubarak addressed Copts, Agence France-Presse reported.

“Egypt is strong... and nobody can harm the unity that exists between Muslims and Christians,” Mubarak said.

One man was charged for the attacks and later deemed to be “mentally unstable,” which angered Copts. Some members of the Coptic community see religious discrimination, rather than mental instability, as the cause, and feel the government has failed to protect them.

Mubarak’s message was a reply to these concerns. “We will punish the culprits, acting with determination and the strength of law,” Mubarak said, condemning the attacks as “individual actions... seeking to sow discord between the sons of the nation.”

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Call for the US to Help Egyptian Christians

Jerusalem – The Coptic communities in Egypt and other places, including the U.S., are tired of the way they have been targeted, Christian news source CNSN News reports in the wake of recent violence. After the Alexandria church attacks, Copts are beginning to reflect just how upset they are. “The Copts in Egypt are fed up with the situation,” said Dr. Helmy Guirguis, president of the U.K. Coptic Association. “The Coptic clergy decided to stand up and not to bow their heads down anymore,” he said.

Coptic Christian leaders have called attention to the persecution of their people in Egypt. American Jewish leaders have also condemned the recent violence. Yet, they are abused and treated like second class citizens, says CNSN News. The prominent Egyptian Human Rights advocate Saad Eddin Ibrahim has documented 55 major attacks on Copts since President Mubarak came to power in 1981.

As the second highest recipient of U.S. foreign aid, Egypt should be pressured by the U.S. to treat its citizens equally, says Guirguis. Click here for the full story.


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