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Friday, April 28, 2006

Coptic Christians to U.S.: Stop Sending Funds to Egypt

The New York Sun reported on Coptic demonstrators, who marched in front of the UN Monday demanding that the U.S. stops funding Egypt.

“We don't want our tax money going to kill our people in Egypt,” the president of the International Christian Union, Monir Dawoud, said.

After Iraq and Israel, Egypt is gets the most aid money from the United States; $1.87 billion in 2004.

The march was organized in the wake of recent attacks on four Coptic churches in Egypt on Good Friday. One Christian worshipper was stabbed to death during the attacks, which the government labeled the work of a single, deranged man. Rania Hanna said the government has used similar excuses in the past to make attacks appear to be isolated incidents.
According to The Sun, “A member of the International Christian Union, Hanna said she was granted asylum in America after someone threw acid on her because her face and body were not covered according to Muslim law. She told stories of young girls being kidnapped and raped because they were Christian.”
Protestors hope their efforts will influence the U.S. government to stop the funding to Egypt until President Mubarak protects Copts’ rights. Click here for the full story.


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