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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A New Beginning for the UN

March 28, 2006
Geneva – ABC News reported the United Nations has now closed the book on a scandal-laden history of human rights. Yesterday was the final meeting for the corrupt and much criticized Human Rights Commission. The United Nations now has a chance to make up for the 60-year history of the commission with the new Human Rights Council, set to meet on June 19th in Geneva. The General Assembly is set to vote on the members of the council on the 9th of May. This is a new beginning for the United Nations, the start of what could be a better approach to eliminating human rights violations worldwide. The United Nations needs to take this opportunity to correct the flaws with the old commission before the new council begins its important tasks this June. According to the ABC News report:

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour said member states should now seize the opportunity to improve the U.N.'s tarnished rights record.

"We are, truly, in the midst of a quiet or even maybe not so quiet human rights revolution," Arbour said. "Much will rest on the profound culture shift that must accompany this institutional reform. The protection of human rights will thrive in a rigorous, frank and cooperative environment.

To read the entire article from ABC News, click here.


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