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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pope, Egyptian President Meet on Mid-East Peace
March 13, 2006

VATICAN CITY- Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Pope Benedict XVI met at the Vatican last Tuesday to discuss peace issues for the Middle East. It was the last of the visits for Mubarak’s European tour. Among other concerns, he had been talking with European leaders about the impact of Hamas’ recent political victory.

Recent regional developments in Egypt and respect for religious differences was also discussed. AP reported that earlier this year, a Copt died from injuries sustained in clashes between Muslims, Copts and police in southern Egypt. The clashes erupted when Muslims objected to the erection of an altar and cross in a Christian-owned guest house.
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Egyptian Coptic Church Rejects Remarrying Divorcees

March 17, 2006

CAIRO - The head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Shenuda III, has rejected a court order obliging the church to allow previously divorced Copts to get remarried, Middle East Online reported last week. The Pope said that only the church has the authority to make such a decision.

Shenuda said he was "implementing the teachings of the Holy Bible with regard to the issue of marriage. And the Bible does not approve divorce except in the case of adultery or change of religion."

Many Copts, who account for 10 percent of Egypt’s 73 million citizens, are faced with a dilemma as a result of the church’s stance on divorce and remarriage. Although they wish to remain loyal to their religion, some are converting in order to escape disastrous marriages.

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Coptic Christian Fears a Return to Egypt
March 17, 2006

CANADA – An Egyptian Copt (who wishes his name not to be used for security reasons) who came to Canada in 2003 as an asylum seeker, fears what will happen if he is deported back to Egypt. CTV News reported on the man’s case last week.

He says that as a young man in Egypt, he was beaten by Muslims because of his religion. His case was heard and decided by a Muslim member of Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). The ruling stated that the Copt’s claim was not credible, and he may subject to deportation, although he has been granted another refugee determination hearing.

CTV News says it is likely that Christians sent back to Egypt, after making refugee claims in the west, will be detained and possibly tortured in Egypt.

"For sure I'm going to go back to jail and I'll be in jail and that's it," said the claimant. "Believe me; I will not be able to talk. I will not be able to even open my mouth if I am in Egypt."

Majed El Shafie, an Egyptian-born Christian, who now lives in Canada and runs a Christian organization called One Free World International, said the West will not continue to support Egypt, “Until they are sure there is complete human rights for everyone.”

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