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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taliban offensive displaces hundreds of Kandahar-area residents

Hundreds of Arghandab residents have been displaced by the Taliban’s recent incursion into the Kandahar-area district, BBC News reported Wednesday.

The offensive comes on the heels of last Friday’s Taliban-coordinated jailbreak in Kandahar, which set free some 350 militants.

Haji Lalai, the head of the local provincial council, said “2,000 families, numbering about 10,000 people” had already fled. “They need urgent help,” he added. “We have talked to U.N. agencies and other NGOs.”

According to the article, Arghandab residents have said that the Taliban has “blown up three bridges and planted bombs under others.” There have also been reports that the militant group has planted mines.

While U.S.-led coalition forces say they have not found evidence that would indicate Taliban control of the area, troops have begun to mass in Arghandab to meet potential threats.

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