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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rappers highlight Iranian feminist movement

A rap group based in Germany is drawing attention to the plight of women in Iran, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported Sunday. Their latest song, “Ma Mard Nistim” (We Are Not Men), is a critique of Iran’s traditional male-dominated society and the harsh conditions many Iranian women face.

The group, Tapesh 2012 (Pulse 2012), has been banned in Iran, but is gaining a considerable following from its base in Germany. “We Are Not Men” has already had over 38,000 hits on YouTube since it was posted a little over a week ago.

According to the band’s founder, Omid Pur-Yusofi, patriarchy is deeply ingrained in Iranian culture. “My parents are educated, but I can feel patriarchy in my family,” he said. “After all these years [living in Germany] there is still a sense of patriarchy in my father’s heart. It’s been a problem for my mother even after more than 50 years of living with him.”

The group’s lyricist, Shahin Najafi, says he expects some negative reaction from Iranian men about the song.

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