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Friday, May 23, 2008

Jailed Kurdish activist suffers stroke in captivity

The Iranian Minorities’ Human Right Organization (IMHRO) issued a press release Tuesday documenting the deteriorating condition of Mohammad Sadigh Kabodwand, jailed founder and chairman of the Kurdish Human Rights Organization, and urged the international community to pressure the Iranian government to responsibly care for him while in custody.

“He was denied access to medical help before and was held in very bad conditions in solitary confinement as well as being subject to torture,” IMHRO researcher Reza Washahi said.

The IMHRO release also noted the death of two Kurdish men while in government detention. It is suspected that both were beaten to death by government authorities. IMHRO again asks the international community to condemn these vicious acts.

There are approximately six million Kurds in Iran. All are denied important social and political rights. It is believed that hundreds of Kurdish men are currently in prison, and many say the government deliberately diverts investment from Kurdish areas.

The situation appears to be growing worse. Displays of Kurdish culture are now no longer tolerated, with the government closing down Kurdish newspapers and magazines.

IMHRO asks those who care about human rights in Iran to write to the United Nations and the Iranian government condemning these xenophobic actions.


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