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Monday, March 17, 2008

Poll results indicate Iraqis hopeful

A recent poll carried out for the BBC, ABC News, ARD of Germany, and NHK of Japan found that Iraqis are becoming more optimistic, BBC News reported Monday.

Citing the survey, the article reported that: “More than 50% of Iraqis think their lives are good, more than at any time in the last three years” and “that a majority believe that security in their area has improved since 2007.”

While these results are more positive than past surveys, the polls also indicate that ethnic groups have are still deeply divided. According to the article: “While 55% of all Iraqis believe that their lives are good, only 33% of Sunnis are happy with their lives, compared with 62% of Shias and 73% of Kurds.”
The poll also addressed the impact that the 2007 military “surge” was meant to have. “Only 21% believe that the increase in US forces has made conditions for political dialogue in Iraq better, while 43% think the surge has made conditions worse,” the article said. “And 38% want American forces to leave immediately, compared with 35% who want the troops to remain until security has been restored.”
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