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Monday, March 03, 2008

German organization providing shelter for threatened Muslim women

A volunteer rescue organization in Germany is creating a safe haven for Muslim women, BBC News reported on February 28.

Sibel, a 20-year-old Turkish woman living in southern Germany, was repeatedly beaten by her father and her brothers since she was a youth. When her family made plans for a visit to their homeland, Sibel ran away from home, sure that a visit to Turkey would result in an arranged marriage. A rescue organization in Berlin helped her begin a new life, and supported her while she pursued a career in business.

Hatun Surucu, a single mother who left a forced marriage in Turkey, was not as lucky. Surucu was shot in the head by her own brothers for dishonoring her family. Shocked by the sudden death, a German friend of Surucu formed the organization, and named it after Surucu and her son. The group is funded by donors and run by volunteers who provide various services to help women in need. The article reports that the organization “has a telephone hotline, a website and drivers ready to rescue anyone fleeing a forced marriage, or worse.”

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