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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Egypt’s Brotherhood alleges government interference ahead of elections

Muslim Brotherhood members accused the government of greatly diminishing its chances in Egypt’s upcoming local elections by allowing only 60 of its 10,000 potential candidates to register, The Associated Press reported Monday.

Authorities have prevented the banned group from forming a political party, forcing its members to run as independents in local and national elections. Through these tactics, the Brotherhood has been able to create the largest opposition bloc in the national parliament. Now, however, registration centers across the country are reportedly blocking candidates by refusing to accept applications from people who run as independents.

On Sunday, more than 6,000 Brotherhood supporters demonstrated in two Egyptian cities, Tanta and Alexandria, protesting the government’s oppression of the group. The next day, Mohammed Saad el-Katatni, leader of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, lambasted the government, describing elections in Egypt as “a boogieman that frightens the government and makes it respond with actions that are not to be practiced but in the most dictatorial and corrupt regimes.”

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