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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Egypt grapples with Internet freedom case

The Supreme Administrative Court of Egypt began hearing a new case on Monday involving freedom of expression and freedom of the Internet, The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information reported on March 15.

The case is an appeal filed by Judge Abdul Fattah Murad against the December, 2007 judgment of a lower administrative court, which supported freedom of the Internet and freedom of expression in Egypt. Murad filed his previous case calling for the banning of the websites of 49 human rights organizations, newspapers, and blogs, calling the websites “terrorist” and saying that they tarnish the reputation of Egypt and the Arab governments.

An additional sense of intrigue has been added to the whole affair because of Murad’s legal troubles before this suit. In early 2007, reports surfaced that Murad had lifted dozens of pages from a Arabic Network for Human Rights Information study for his own book, without any citation or permission, a blatant violation of intellectual property laws.

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