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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Concern spreads in Great Britain over forced marriages

A new study has found that forced marriages are more common in Great Britain than ever assumed, Der Spiegel Online reported Wednesday.

Sociologist Nazia Khanum recently produced a report centered around her home town of Luton, England. Through her own field work in Luton, and the work of contemporaries throughout England, Khanum believes there could be about 4,000 cases of forced marriages in England every year.

As the majority of forced marriage cases involve Muslims, the issue has brought to the foreground what should be permissible in England on the grounds of cultural tradition and religious freedom, and what should not. With a growing population of 1.6 million Muslims in England, the British states must soon decide how to change their previously “hands-off” approach when dealing with this sensitive yet necessary issue.

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