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Monday, February 04, 2008

Egypt reseals Gaza border with aid from Hamas

Egypt reseals Gaza border with aid from Hamas
According to The Washington Post, Egyptian construction workers were able to seal the last breach in the Gaza Strip’s border with Egypt this Sunday with the aid of armed Hamas officials. Sealing the final breach in the wall re-established Egyptian control of the frontier after Palestinian guerrillas had knocked down portions of the barrier 11 days ago.

“Egyptian and Palestinian forces had been signaling for days that the border would be sealed again soon, slowly chocking off access for hundreds of thousands of Gazans who had sought to leave the strip when the wall fell,” the Post said.

The affair has highlighted the plight of the Gazans trapped inside the Hamas controlled territory, as well as the ambiguous relationship between Egypt and Hamas, an organization that both the United States and Israel consider a terrorist organization. Hamas officials declared that the destruction of the barrier had constituted a “moral victory,” further proclaiming that “the people of Palestine will not go back to their cage.” In reality though, it seems that Hamas leaders have decided to appease Egypt’s desire to control the border breach, leaving many inside Gaza to wonder what it was all for.

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