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Friday, February 08, 2008

12 activists detained in Syria, 8 beaten

At least 12 pro-democracy activists have been detained and at least 8 have been beaten by State Security officials during interrogation as part of a crackdown on opposition since the National Council of the Damascus Declaration for Democratic Change (NCDD) was held on December 1, Human Rights Watch reported on Tuesday.

The activists have been arrested based on “politically motivated charges” during a government crackdown.

One of those detained includes Riad Seif, a former member of parliament who has prostrate cancer and a heart condition. Like the other detainees, Seif has been exposed to cold weather, by not being allowed to sleep on a mattress or to change his clothing since December.

“Syrian prison authorities are mistreating these activists,” said Joe Stork, the Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “These people should not be in prison in the first place.”

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