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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Afghan women demonstrate for release of abducted American aid worker

In response to the kidnapping of American aid worker Cyd Mizell on January 26, over 500 Afghan women gathered in protest Tuesday in Kandahar, The New York Times reported today.

Afghan women’s associations called on officials, elders, and citizens to work for the release of Mizell.

“This is against Islam, this is against Afghan culture, particularly against Kandahari custom, a women’s abduction,” said the director of women’s affairs in Kandahar, Runa Tareen. “Cydney Mizell was here to help Afghan women. She was living here and was proud and confident that Afghans have a nice culture that does not harm women.”

Soraya Barna, a member of Kandahar’s provincial council, had this to add: “We are so sad and we want her to be released as soon as possible. We want officials and others to multiply their struggle to find her soon and hope she will be back safely.”

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