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Monday, December 17, 2007

Afghanistan children in need of more international aid, U.N. ambassador says

Afghan Ambassador to the UN Zahir Tanin on December 13 told the United Nations General Assembly that the international community should provide more aid to Afghan children, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported today. Tanin noted that circumstances have improved during the last six years, but said that much remains to be done.

“Poverty remains the biggest obstacle in Afghanistan to achieving the Millennium Development Goals,” he said. “We would like to stress the need for full partnership and expanded cooperation with the international community in our mutual commitment to attain the MDGs and create an Afghanistan fit for Children.”

According to the article: “In his remarks, Tanin pointed out that children are the most vulnerable and the worst-affected victims of terrorism and other violence in Afghanistan, and that despite some progress, ‘Afghan children continue to face insurmountable challenges.’”

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