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Friday, November 09, 2007

Deportation of Afghans from Iran prompts humanitarian concerns

Since October, thousands of Afghans have been deported from Iran to Afghanistan. As a result, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told IRIN Monday that the government has implored Iran to stop the removal of citizens without work permits or refugee status.

The announcement comes as the harsh winter approaches. “Afghanistan is particularly vulnerable to any mass deportation during winter,” said Sultan Ahmad Baheen, a spokesman for the ministry, adding that the country lacked the capacity to integrate a large number of deportees.

The Afghan government, the U.N., and international organizations have criticized the Iranian government for earlier deportations, leading to the implementation of a more gradual deportation process.

However, within the last 10 days, Afghan officials have reported that mass deportations have restarted, with up to 500 Afghan citizens being sent across the border daily.

In addition to the many young male refuges, are hundreds of vulnerable women, children and elderly people.

According to the article: “UN agencies have helped Afghan authorities set up two transition centres in Nemroz and Herat provinces where deportees receive assistance and shelter for up to 48 hours. Some also receive help to reach their final destinations inside the country, according to the UN.”

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