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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Egyptian converts to Christianity reported missing

Mohammed Ahmed Hegazy and his pregnant wife Zeinab, both converts to Christianity involved in a legal battle against the Egyptian authorities, have been missing since Monday, The Media Line reported Thursday.

Their lawyer Ramsis Raouf A-Naggar said that they have not responded to phone calls. The article, citing remarks made by A-Naggar, says that “it was unclear who was responsible for their disappearance. It could be a number of groups, including radical Muslims, terrorists or even the Egyptian police.”

“He hadn’t left his home in a month,” the lawyer said, citing death threats.

The Egyptian government refused to recognize Hegazy’s new religion on his national identification card, which is why he filed the lawsuit.

The article, again citing A-Naggar’s remarks, says that “one of Hegazi’s houses had been broken into and trashed. The police have so far taken a written statement, but they were not taking action on the grounds that they did not have enough information.”

For the full article, click here.

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