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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Iraqi refugee women and children in desperate need of healthcare

Iraqi refugees, particularly women and children in Jordan, Syria and Egypt, are in desperate need of health care, according to ReliefWeb.

According to the article, The Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children on Tuesday “called on the United States and the international community to respond quickly and fully to the United Nations interagency appeal for $85 million dollars to provide desperately need health care for Iraqi refugees in Jordan, Syria and Egypt.

These refugees have almost no access to basic services and the Women’s Commission reports that on their recent trip to Jordan, there we only two clinics to provide free or subsidized medical care to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

“Iraqi women and children have suffered terrible trauma and violence – we have a responsibility to care for their health. The international community must act now to alleviate this situation,” said Carolyn Makinson, Executive Director.

There is a special need for a greater emphasis on women and girl’s health since many have been targets of sexual violence, including rape. Also, according to the article, “the stresses and pressures of refugee life are also causing a rise in domestic violence. And because refugees cannot legally work in Jordan, women and girls remain vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse.”

The Commission calls for the development of “a more comprehensive assistance strategy for Iraqi refugees that will reflect the magnitude of the refugee crisis,” and add that: “This should include significantly increased humanitarian assistance for refugees, greater support for refugee receiving countries, and robust resettlement programs for highly vulnerable Iraqis.”

For the full article, click here.

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