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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bedouins wounded in demonstrations near Gaza Strip border

Dozens of demonstrators were wounded Monday when about 3,000 Bedouins clashed with Egyptian police in the Sinai Peninsula near the Gaza Strip border, according to the International Herald Tribune. Bedouins demanded that the government rescind its reported plan to demolish houses in the 150 meter band of land nearest the border.

Police said they initially fired tear gas and used water cannons to clear demonstrators from the street. An Associated Press reporter then saw police firing live ammunition in the air and rubber bullets at the protestors. As many as 50 were wounded, the reporter said.

The government’s plan intends to prevent traffickers from digging tunnels used to smuggle weapons and people into Gaza. Protestors said the government is offering financial compensation for their houses, but not for trees and farmland.

“We will not leave our land, we will make it our graves,” Bedouins chanted.

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