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Monday, April 16, 2007

Coptic Assembly of America warns against engaging with Muslim Brotherhood

Hoda Halim of the Coptic Assembly of America has responded to a recent International Herald Tribune article suggesting that the United States should engage with the Muslim Brotherhood.

In denouncing the article, Halim highlighted the Brotherhood’s past and the possible actions that could be undertaken by the group in the future. The group’s goals are not aligned with furthering democracy in Egypt, but are instead aimed at turning Egypt into a solely Muslim state based on Sharia law, Halim writes. The Brotherhood’s violent past is also key to understanding the potential impact of future actions, according to Halim, who notes their actions and other actions taken by groups with similar objectives. Halim also notes that The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom considers the Brotherhood to be involved in violence.

The Brotherhood has indicated it would look to tax any non-Muslim citizens of Egypt, as well as any who fail to convert to Islam. Moreover, arms of the group have said they would rather have an external Muslim leader than a Copt leading the country, though this is in direct opposition to the stated policy of the arm of the Brotherhood in the Parliament. Ultimately, Halim writes, if the U.S. deals with the Muslim Brotherhood, they will be dealing with a terrorist organization.


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