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Monday, March 05, 2007

Iran arrests journalists and women activists

An unknown number of journalists have been detained by the Iranian government, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported today. The journalists are accused of promoting separatist aims and being funded by foreigners. Those arrested have allegedly admitted to publishing material that the Iranian government deems “divisive” and serving “extreme ethnic” ideas. The journalists are apparently funded through monthly funds originating from other countries.

Meanwhile, yesterday the Iranian government arrested between 26 and 40 women activists who were demonstrating outside the Tehran Revolutionary Court. They were protesting security measures and incessant summoning of activists for interrogation by security officials. Some reactionary violence occurred when the demonstration was broken up. The arrests of women protesting a trial involving five female activists outside of the same court was also reported. According to the article, the women in question were charged with “engaging in publicity against Iran’s government, acting against national security, and participating in an “illegal” gathering last year.”

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