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Friday, March 30, 2007

“Dramatic improvements” of late in opium eradication efforts, U.S. official says

In a briefing at NATO headquarters, Thomas Schweich, the top U.S. official dealing with Afghanistan’s drug problem, said, there have “dramatic improvements” over the last year in curbing opium production the prospects for future eradication efforts are promising, International News Network reported today.

It seems local Afghan authorities are more determined than ever to help, Schweich said.

“We have six poppy-free provinces now, I’m hoping that we can get to 10 or 12 this year, and maybe up to 20 in a couple of years, which is more that half the provinces in Afghanistan,” he said..

Schweich also expressed his support for eradication efforts that are combined with offers to provide the poor farmers with alternative crops.
Counter-narcotics operations in Afghanistan are believed to be crucial to secure the overall stability of the country, as the Taliban insurgents reportedly benefit greatly from opium profits, especially in the volatile south, where they are allegedly developing close relationships with narco-traffickers.

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