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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

UN Forum urges inclusion of indigenous peoples’ concerns in global anti-poverty goals

The United Nations recently held a two week forum in New York City where approximately 1,200 leaders of indigenous peoples were in attendance. The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues expressed that developed countries often implement the Millennium Development Goals within their foreign policy, not their domestic policy. As a result, indigenous communities in developed countries are not able to benefit from social, economic, and cultural rights to the fullest.

The Forum requested developed countries pay more attention to their indigenous populations, especially in terms of health care. Diabetes is the main cause of concern within indigenous communities and the forum believes that developed countries can plan their MDGs to reduce the appearance of this disease.

According to this piece:

“At the meeting, many indigenous leaders voiced their concern that developed countries treat the MDGs as a matter of foreign policy, relevant only to their international aid programs. The MDGs are series of targets set by the world leaders to reduce levels of poverty, diseases, and illiteracy and environmental degradation b y the year 2015.

“The Permanent Forum called for governments, the UN World Health Organization (WHO), UN Population Fund (UNFPA), UN Development Programme (UNDP) and other agencies to adopt targeted policies, programs, projects and budgets to address the “staggering prevalence” of diabetes among indigenous people and put in place “culturally appropriate” health services and treatment and prevention methods.

“The Forum said it fully endorsed the indigenous leaders’ demand that States must recognize their right to self determination and respect the principle of “free, prior and informed consent” with regard to development activities which take place on their lands and resources. The Forum also urged Member States to uphold the linguistic rights of indigenous people.

“UN officials estimate that more than 1,200 leaders, representing some 370 million indigenous peoples in different parts of the world, attended the Forum.”

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