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Friday, June 30, 2006

Indigenous Rights Treaty Approved by UN Council

“The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council endorsed a widespread extension of the rights of the world’s indigenous people,” reports Richard Reynolds on ABC News Online. This “declaration calls on nations with Aboriginal peoples to give them more control over their lands and resources.”

“The declaration won 30 votes in the 47-member council, with 12 abstentions,” Reynolds reposts, now sending it to the General Assembly for final ratification. Kenneth Deer, a native American closely involved in the negotiations says, “this is victorious for all indigenous peoples who have been waiting for centuries for something like this.”

“Diplomats and representatives of a native peoples’ coalition say it will provide states with the basic guidelines for helping their indigenous populations maintain their cultures and separate identities.” The report continues, stating that “indigenous coalition representatives say they believe the big power opposition was largely driven by concern over potential loss of state control over how natural resources are exploited.”

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